Anubi Companion Animal Hospital


Anubi Companion Animal Hospital

Unità di terapia extracorporea

Strada Genova 299/A

Moncalieri, Italy

Phone:+39 0116813033  




Year Established: 1996

Average Annual Number of Treatments: 80

Average Annual Number of Patients: 12-15

   CRRT:  Yes  Charcoal Perfusion: Yes  Plasmapheresis: Yes   Apheresis: No  Peritoneal Dialysis: No

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Team Members: Claudio Brovida DVM, Eleonora A. Galli, DVM, Michele Massoni, DVM



Role In Unit:      Director
Special Interest: Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Urology
 Internship: Bristol, Utrecht, Saint Paul, Davis
 Special Training in Dialysis: Davis

Claudio Brovida graduated at the Veterinary School of Turin, Italy. He developed his profession in small animal practice, with particular interest in internal medicine, nephrology and urology. He is the Director of the ANUBI® Ospedale per Animali da Compagnia in Moncalieri, where he developed an haemodialysis and blood purification unit, since 1996.

He has been President of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

He is active member of the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) and of the WSAVA Renal Standardisation Study Group.