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Colorado State University
James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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The renal replacement therapies program at Colorado State University was initiated in 2009 under the enthusiastic direction of Dr. Vicki Campbell and Rene Scalf.  Until that time, CSU solely utilized peritoneal dialysis in the treatment of acute kidney injury.  Our institution was eager to expand our capabilities in the management of AKI and other diseases, and decided CRRT would be the next best step in the growth of our Critical Care Unit.  We worked closely with our Internal Medicine service in late 2009 to begin expansion of the CSU RRT program.


Dr. Campbell and Rene attended AMC Renal Week in 2010 to broaden their understandings of replacement therapy techniques.  The goal at that time was establishment of a CRRT, and eventually IHD, program at CSU.  Generous private donors provided CSU the opportunity to purchase a Prisma (2010) and Prismaflex (2011) machine.  Dr. Sullivan subsequently attended two human conferences (CRRT San Diego and SCCM) in 2011 to gain further knowledge and experience in the field.  She will also attend AMC Renal Week 2012 to develop her understanding of CRRT from a veterinary perspective.


The Critical Care Unit at CSU encompasses 3 emergency/critical care boarded specialists, an E/CC residency-trained clinician, four E/CC residents, and a large number of technicians.  Many of our technicians are AVECCT certified and have vast experience in the field.  All doctors and staff members have been didactically and clinically trained in CRRT.  Our team comprises almost 60 individuals in the care of critically ill dogs and cats.  We will accept client-owned animals for CRRT treatment starting in spring 2012, and we currently work closely with a private referral practice in Denver to offer IHD when appropriate.


In addition to CRRT, our unit offers state-of-the art care including continuous invasive and non-invasive monitoring, parenteral nutrition, mechanical ventilation, transfusion therapy, minimally invasive techniques, and close interface with other world reknown CSU specialists from every small animal subspecialty.  CSU is an active and progressive research institution, providing clients and pets with current and novel therapeutics when managing complicated diseases.  Our Veterinary Teaching Hospital sees approximately 30,000 patients per year and accepts referrals both locally and nationally.

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Year Established: 2012

Average Annual Number of Treatments:

Average Annual Number of Patients:

   IHD: No CRRT: Yes  Charcoal Perfusion: No  Plasmapheresis: No Apheresis: No  Peritoneal Dialysis: Yes


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